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Kuukressi tee 1 and 3 apartments are ready!

The apartments of Kuukressi 1 and 3 are ready, and in the other houses, work is also being completed as planned to hand over the keys to anxious homeowners at the agreed time. There are only three apartments left in the houses of Kuukressi tee 1 and 3!
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Yesterday we celebrated the rafters party of Taevakivi Ärikeskus!

The construction of Taevakivi Ärikeskus is progressing well and we gathered to hold a rafter party with all those involved to celebrate it. Our project manager Madis Lett went for the wreath and, of course, the celebrations would not have been complete without our partners Hammerhead and Eventus, with whom the commercial building will be put up!
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Kirsiõis Kristiines boutique building apartments are ready!

The boutique building that only has 22 apartments is fenced off and there is a playground for the smallest members of the family in a corner of the yard. Oksa 2/Seebi 4 is only a 5-minute drive away from the city centre. Strangers have no business at Oksa street, which is lined with ancient trees. New apartment owners have the opportunity to get a good breath of fresh air already when they step out of the building.
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Overview of Our Activities in the Emergency Situation

The Favorte team is in good health and we have successfully continued to work on all development projects and managed to monitor construction processes in spite of the emergency situation. In the meantime, Kirsiõis Kristiines ( has been completed and more than a half of the satisfied new home owners have received their keys. Kuukressi apartment buildings ( will be constructed as planned and the first residents will get to move into their new home by Midsummer's Day.
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We Will Continue with All of Our Development Projects in the Promised Schedule

Dear clients! We confirm that Favorte will continue to complete all of our development projects in the promised schedule. This includes all of our residential real estate projects under construction: Kuukressi departments (, Käokella terraced houses ( and Kirsiõis Kristiines (
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Ringtee Stock Rising on the Rail Baltic Route Held a Rafter Party

Despite the fact that the construction of Rail Baltic, which will be completed in cooperation between the three Baltic States, seems to be constantly stalled, developers and entrepreneurs are optimistic and improvement in the vicinity of the future route will continue. Last week, the rafter party was celebrated in Veldi Road on the Ringtee Stock, developed by Favorte. One of the major benefits of the new stock-office location is its connectivity to Tallinn roundabout, but also the proximity of the upcoming Veneküla stop on the Rail Baltic.
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A New Commercial Area Is Emerging on the Plot of Eesti Energia That Has Been Idle 

Real estate developer Favorte bought a 17,000 square metre property from Eesti Energia in the Kadaka area of ​​Tallinn, which will be transformed into a modern business district, offering retail and office space as well as stock-office type premises. According to the developer, the Kadaka district is far from reaching its full potential and more commercial and residential space is about to be added there in the near future.
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How to Find the Right New Commercial Premises for Your Company?

Tallinn's commercial real estate market is still vivaciously developing and there is space for every business and necessity. Since moving every couple of years is unnecessarily expensive and a disturbance for your business activity, you should think carefully about the new location – will it satisfy your business needs today and in the future.
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Rafters Upright - Tähetorni Tehnology Park on the Western Side of Tallinn Is Expanding Rapidly

One of the few business and industrial complexes in Lääne-Tallinn, the Tähetorni Tehnological Park on Paldiski highway is expanding rapidly. When the first building was completed in June, the rafters were now upright on the second building of the development, the construction of which was begun in July. Favorte, the developer of the Tähetorni Technological Park, estimates that the city is rapidly developing westwards and the demand for commercial space is further increased by districts emerging in the vicinity.
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How to Find the Best New Development on the Market for You?

We have created both apartment buildings and fully developed residential areas in different parts of Harju County. Our project manager Kaur Kaasikmäe highlights some important recommendations and ideas to help You make that decision.
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In Anticipation of Rail Baltic, Commercial and Industrial Buildings Are Being Built on the Line Already Today

Although Rail Baltic is expected to start operating only in 2026 according to the most optimistic predictions, even some developers are considering the position of the planned rail route already today when establishing commercial and industrial premises. At the end of August, construction of the Ringtee Stock was started in the Veneküla area, which is currently scheduled to include a train stop and a third of the nearly 3,400 square metres of the building under construction have already been rented out.
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Haabersti Roundabout Made Lääne-Tallinn Area Open for Business

The Haabersti roundabout, that was completed a year ago, untied a traffic knot that has so far hampered commercial and residential real estate development near the intersecting thoroughfares. The Tähetorni Technological Park in Härgmäe, facing the Paldiski junction, has today established itself with a number of companies of quite different profiles, attracted to the area both by the location of the technology park and the stock-office commercial space concept which allows one to combine production, sales, storage and office space, aggregating them under one roof.
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Lasnamäe Is Developing into an Attractive Business District

The recently completed Stock 101 on St. Petersburg Road is yet another example of Lasnamäe, previously known primarily as a residential area, with its infrastructure and number of habitants attracting businesses from a variety of industries. Good connections to the city centre and to all major highways via the Tallinn roundabout is the main reason why commercial buildings rising in Lasnamäe are attracting new companies there.
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Lääne-Tallinn's First Technological Park Will Have 60,000 Square Metres of Commercial Space

While in other areas close to the capital city, technological parks along major highways have developed rapidly, there is still a shortage of such space in Lääne-Tallinn. This gap will be filled by the Tähetorni Technology Park, which will be established along the Paldiski Road, with a total of 60,000 square metres of commercial space in 12 buildings. The first building is completed and the construction of the second one will start any time soon.
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Construction Work of Kuukressi Apartment Buildings

For the construction of five apartment buildings in Pirita-Kose, Kuukressi residential area, RAMM Ehituse OÜ has entered into a general contracting agreement to carry out construction work. Owner supervision is performed by Ehitusinsener OÜ.
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Collaboration with the Estonian Athletic Association

OÜ Favorte signed a cooperation agreement with the non-profit organization called Estonian Athletic Association with the aim of promoting athletics.
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Sale of Properties in Kloostrimetsa² Residential Area Has Begun

Just a few hundred metres from the TV Tower and the Botanical Gardens, a private Kloostrimetsa² residential area will be established, with 16 plots are for sale to build houses to make wonderful homes.
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Construction of Oksa tn 2 / Seebi tn 4 Apartment Building 

A general contracting agreement has been concluded with Mitt & Perlebach OÜ for the construction of an apartment building of 22 apartments on the Oksa tn 2/Seebi tn 4 property in the district of Kristiine. Owner supervision is carried out by Ehitusinsener OÜ.