About our commercial real estate

In commercial real estate, we consider the comprehensiveness and cost-effectiveness of our solutions to be paramount. For best final results, we use exclusively high-quality construction materials. You are always welcome to have a say in both terms of the overall layout as well as the interior design, in order to create a fully functional and personalized space solution.

We have collected and written down suggestions to take into account when looking for new business premises. Our project managers, who work on developing new commercial spaces on a daily basis, give insight on different topics, such as:

> How to find the right new commercial premises for your company?
> How can a built-to-suit commercial space benefit your company?
> Case-study - how did changing business premises go for Benefit AS? 
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We believe, that Favorte will treat tenant's business and needs in the future as attentively as they did during the construction phase.

Sulev Narusk / CEO of Benefit AS

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The location of the Tähetorni Technology Park is perfect for us, since it is in the midst of nature, yet near to the city.

Helen Anijalg / Member of the Roofit.solar team

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With our first big house project, Favorte made it all very easy.

Marko Erlach / Project Manager and Partner in RGB Baltic

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In Tähetorni Technology Park we can keep our warehouse, office and production under one roof. This makes us significantly more efficient and profitable.

Tanel Kolk / Co-Founder of Heat3