About us

Expectations are there to be exceeded

In the beginning, there is an idea. Then, a plan is born. A plan to find a home for yourself or for your business. However, there is a long journey for a plan to become a solid result. Everything may seem easy in someone’s head or on the paper, but real life is somewhat different. One is never able to predict or plan everything by themselves with great success. Luckily, we here in Favorte have a long-term experience in reviving dreams. Moreover, for us, your plan is like a unique vision towards which to strive for every day. We do this, so the result would become even greater than the original idea itself. For the expectations are there to be exceeded.

Reliable partner with long-term experience

Favorte is a company founded in 1993, which is based on the Estonian capital. Our goal is to be a knowledgeable and supportive assistant to you. We think it is important, that the purchasing process is conducted in a flawless and pleasant manner. That all projects are comprehensive and cost-effective, rooms and interior design are customized and planning well thought-out. That all the construction materials are high-quality and the design functional. That the supervision runs smoothly. We bring together people and companies that operate on similar principles to do the right thing.