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Lääne-Tallinn's First Technological Park Will Have 60,000 Square Metres of Commercial Space

While in other areas close to the capital city, technological parks along major highways have developed rapidly, there is still a shortage of such space in Lääne-Tallinn. This gap will be filled by the Tähetorni Technology Park, which will be established along the Paldiski Road, with a total of 60,000 square metres of commercial space in 12 buildings. The first building is completed and the construction of the second one will start any time soon.
"If, for example, Tänassilma, Mõigu, Jüri and Iru-Loo have numerous technology and industrial parks, there are few such opportunities along the Paldiski highway, which is used daily by 17,000 cars," explained the choice of the location Karl Kaeval, project manager at Favorte, the developer of the Tähetorni Technology Park. Since the technological park is located on a busy road, Kaeval believes that excellent visibility also provides good advantages for the development of commercial, representative and office space. Having said that, the developer offers tenants a significantly higher-than-average supply of electricity, water and natural gas, which is the reason that the technological park is also appropriate for companies with a more elevated volume of production.
Great attention to architecture

The buildings are designed by renowned architect Sten Ader from SKAD Architektid. Since the technological park is situated inside the city, Ader said that special attention was paid to its architecture. “The solution designed by the same architectural company gives the settlement a complete appearance. Apart from the logistical needs of future tenants, it is also designed for people working there and their everyday living environment and its representativeness,” underlines Ader. The industrial park has an industrial function concentrated in the centre of the area, while office blocks are more homely and always have an outlook over the surrounding urban environment. “The industrial function of the buildings is therefore hidden to any by-passers. At the same time, the park is not excessively large, but rather a compact unit, which blends in with the surrounding environment - not just a dull area covered with industrial buildings,” Ader added.
Not to mention the aesthetics, the park has been designed with energy efficiency in mind. Yet, Kaeval says that this will not be to the detriment of future employees, as tenant-based underfloor heating, a cooling system and forced ventilation with heat recovery will ensure good indoor climate in the offices.
A technological park within the city limits

Of course, upon the development of business premises, the logistics must be kept primarily in mind. The Tähetorni Technology Park has the advantage of being located near a highway and having an easy access to all major highways and ports via the Tallinn roundabout. "Be that as may, it's located inside the Tallinn city, which means that, unlike many others, Tallinn's public transport will also be servicing the Tähetorni Technology Park, which in turn makes it significantly accessible to its employees as well as guests and customers,” made clear Kaeval. 

To date, the first stage of the infrastructure has been set up to the Technology Park: a junction with traffic lights on Paldiski highway and Härgmäe Street serving four buildings. Today, the first building of 6,300 square metres has been completed and the construction of a second, a building of 4,200 square metres will begin in July. At the design stage, there are planned approximately 15,000 square metres of commercial space and a total of 12 buildings with a total area of ​​approximately 60,000 square metres have been planned for the Tähetorni Technology Park. Early tenants have the opportunity to have their buildings significantly customized - where appropriate, even their architectural design.