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Overview of Our Activities in the Emergency Situation

The Favorte team is in good health and we have successfully continued to work on all development projects and managed to monitor construction processes in spite of the emergency situation. 

In the meantime, Kirsiõis Kristiines ( has been completed and more than a half of the satisfied new home owners have received their keys.

Kuukressi apartment buildings ( will be constructed as planned and the first residents will get to move into their new home by Midsummer's Day.

The first semi-detached houses of the Kanarbiku tee 13 property in the Käokella residential area ( will be completed already by August, and the construction works of Kanarbiku tee 12 and Sõnajala tee 7 terraced houses are also in full swing. In April, the Käokella community has grown to 102 families!

Tähetorni Tehnopark ( is expanding - Härgmäe 22 commercial building has been finished and the keys to the new business premises have been received by four companies. We will keep on perfecting interior finishing works so that all the units would be personalized according to tenant’s wishes. Roads and lines of the next stage are also being set up and we will soon start the construction of the Härgmäe 24 building!

Veldi tee 5 commercial building, Ringtee Stock ( is getting final touches and next the focus will be set on creating all the motorways and paved spaces surrounding the building. Tenants can move into the new business premises in the first half of June.

Taevakivi Ärikeskus ( at Osmussaare tee 5 has reached its full height and currently, we are working on constructing light partitions and floors. We will hand over the keys of the new commercial premises to the tenants as planned, in September.

The first building in Lucky 4 business district (, Laki 4, has received a construction permit and we are planning to commence the construction in the middle of summer.

Should You have any questions about any of the development projects, feel free to contact us!

We wish everybody good health and peace of mind!