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Increased demand drives the growth of business and residential real estate markets in Saue municipality

Extensive investments in highways leading to Tallinn have made Saue Municipality a desirable location where people can enjoy a calmer tempo of life in the proximity of the capital. In recent years, a large number of new residents have moved to Saue Municipality, and this has boosted the development of local commercial property and social infrastructure. 
New business centres are being built in Saue and Laagri, and in the village of Alliku that’s development has certainly gained momentum. “At least two new commercial buildings are being erected in the centre of Saue alone, and last spring, a new Rimi was opened in Keskuse Street. Stock-office commercial premises and, for example, Makita’s largest agency in the Nordic countries with the area of 25,000 m2 are being built in Laagri,“ said Tarmo Rammo, Sales Manager of Favorte OÜ, a real estate developer. “Alliku has one of the largest residential clusters in Estonia, and the number of solvent residents here has grown rapidly, creating demand for service points closer to home,” Rammo added. 
In the village of Alliku, together with Veskimöldre, Tiirisule residential area ( is becoming another leader in the development of the local living environment. Tiirisule residential area will hold the infrastructure for 65 properties. “Phase I of the development was practically sold out before the asphalt was even placed, and Phase II plots will soon be available for purchase,” said Rammo. 
“Big interest clearly indicates that Saue municipality is still a popular place for living, and there is a lack of new and modern places where to live,” Rammo explained. According to him, in the near future, the development of residential, business and service centres will be shaped by present Sagro greenhouse and car workshop area near Laagri. Besides, there is potential for housing development on farmland near the highway from Laagri towards Saue city.
Saue road infrastructure is also being developed at a high pace. “By the end of this year, the connection road between Saue and Top junction will be completed, which would improve the link between Laagri and the centre of Saue. The addition of new motorways is preparing the ground for the emergence of huge commercial developments like, for example, Gate Tallinn, where there is enough space and fast access to main Estonian and neighbouring countries’ freight transport routes,” said Rammo. 
An interview with Andres Laisk, the Mayor of Saue, who describes the developments in more detail, follows. 
What infrastructure projects will be implemented in the coming years? 
No major infrastructure developments are planned as compared with today’s plans. However, at some indefinite time in the future Instituudi Road may be four-lane. This will involve the construction of a two-level intersection at the roundabout of Juuliku-Tabasalu Road, Instituudi Road, Tihniku Street and Veskitammi Street. As a result of the renovations, today's crossings of Kotka Road and Väriheina Street with Instituudi Road will be closed, and traffic will be directed towards the new intersection. 
We also consider the development of a complex of services near this new roundabout important. On the one hand, it ensures good accessibility from the main road, and on the other hand, the addition of new businesses is important for the local population. Local business centres create new jobs, reduce service- and job-based commuting, and diversify the development of the region as a whole.
Speaking of education, a new kindergarten will be built by the autumn of 2022 on the corner of Kotka and Kraavi Road. In the same area, it’s planned to build a pedestrian tunnel at the intersection of Kotka Road and Institute Road. The first opportunity to implement this project in cooperation with the Transport Administration will probably open in 2023 at the earliest. Next year, we will also start the construction of the second phase of Veskimöldre Educational House, to ensure the permanent provision of school and kindergarten places in the area. 
What are the places where new jobs need to be created?
From the point of view of the municipality, it’s important to avoid monofunctional residential areas, which would become so-called dormitories in the suburbs of the capital. Therefore, the general plan of the municipality envisages diversification of land use, as well as creation of jobs and services in each major residential area, where we also want to see business developments providing services to residents. In particular, they should be located along motorways. For sure, such business developments have an inviting effect on guests, people outside the municipality. 

 In which areas do you anticipate the growth of population in the near future? 
The largest growth will certainly be seen in the central area according to the general plan, in the so-called Sagro greenhouse area. We hope Saue and Laagri will grow together on a functional basis, so the population will grow in the areas between these two settlements.
The infrastructure has also been developed in Kotka Road area, and it’s impossible not to mention the so-called Gate Tallinn area on the other side of the railway, where infrastructure is currently being built, and the development of both commercial and residential properties is expected.
I’d probably consider it reasonable to buy a flat close to the centre. However, those who want to move into a private or terraced house should first look at how well the developer has built the infrastructure, and facilities supporting the environment. There’s certainly no point in buying a plot or property where the infrastructure (roads, tracks, lights, playgrounds, etc.) has not been prepared, even if the price seems cheap. This will cause lot of trouble later, especially for the buyer. If everything is all right with the infrastructure, access to the main highways is important, also the natural living environment, and ideally – a kindergarten near home. You can find such places in Saue municipality.