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Haabersti Roundabout Made Lääne-Tallinn Area Open for Business

The Haabersti roundabout, that was completed a year ago, untied a traffic knot that has so far hampered commercial and residential real estate development near the intersecting thoroughfares. The Tähetorni Technology Park in Härgmäe, facing the Paldiski junction, has today established itself with a number of companies of quite different profiles, attracted to the area both by the location of the technology park and the stock-office commercial space concept which allows one to combine production, sales, storage and office space, bringing them under one roof.

Tanel Kolk, CEO of Heat3, manufacturer of heat-shrinkable large packaging and packaging solutions for the logistics, industrial and construction sectors, said the Tähetorni Technology Park was still in the design phase when it was decided to contact the developers. “We had previous experience operating a stock-office building and this is the solution that suits our company best. Namely, stock-office allows us to combine production, warehouse and office space under one roof, which in turn boosts our efficiency and reduces the cost of resources in servicing our customers,” explained Kolk.

Kolk emphasizes that the greatest advantage of Härgmäe is its location, as passing by this route can help avoid congestions in the city centre, while Tallinn roundabout provides easy access to both domestic and foreign customers. “Besides, there is space - both for parking spaces for our employees and customers, but more importantly, for the company to expand. With continued growth, the augmenting necessity for operating space cannot be ruled out in the future, so it's good to move to a development area where plots are available and new industrial buildings are being planned,” Kolk added.

Helen Anijalg, Marketing and Export Manager for, manufacturer of metal solar panels for roofing, highlights too the logistical advantage of the area. “This is a place of a little distance from the city centre, but still easily accessible area, for commuters do not have to remain stuck in the traffic jam and in addition to public transport, the house is also accessible by a light traffic road - almost half of the company's team come to work on bicycles during the summer period,” marked Anijalg.

Furthermore, companies operating in the technological park are also able to appreciate the softer side of the location - surrounding nature and building design. “The office space design solution and the bright layout open a beautiful forest view from the office windows. As we produce roofs that produce solar power, the natural environment and clean air remind us, why our business is of such importance,” underlined Anijalg, who says many guests have asked whether the building's facade is also made of's electricity-generating panels. "Not at the moment, but it would be absolutely possible for the building's facade to produce solar electricity," Anijalg added.

Karel Rüütli, head of Mulieres, a company that produces washing gels and cleaning agents of natural ingredients, also mentions architecture as the strength of the Tähetorni Technological Park, besides its logistical accessibility. “The ambition of Favorte (the developer) to contribute to the architecture of the production facilities must be fully recognized. Of course, the production building must be first and foremost functional, but concurrently, it could also be visually respectable so that it can also host clients and partners in the same building,” argued Rüütli. Plus, according to Rüütli, the lowest amount of maintenance costs, which are inevitably best provided by modern production buildings, is also of an important value for the manufacturer.

More information about the development may be found on its website:

The Tähetorni Technology Park is being developed by a homonymous private limited company. Tähetorni Tehnopark OÜ is owned by the Favorte Group. Founded in 1993, Favorte OÜ is a company based on Estonian capital and operating in Estonia with the goal of modern, innovative, with the aim of creating a modern and innovative living and working environment that is harmonious and taking into consideration human necessities, providing modern architecture, energy efficient, functional and modern living and working environment.