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Lasnamäe Is Developing into an Attractive Business District

The recently completed Stock 101 on St. Petersburg Road is yet another example of Lasnamäe, previously known primarily as a residential area, with its infrastructure and number of habitants attracting businesses from a variety of industries. Good connections to the city centre and to all major highways via the Tallinn roundabout is the main reason why commercial buildings rising in Lasnamäe are attracting new companies there.

The recently completed Stock 101 commercial building on St. Petersburg Road has been filled with tenants so quickly that only a few commercial properties have remained vacant. "The significant advantage of a double floor building covering more than 2,000 square metres is the smart, three-in-one solution that combines the functions of a showroom, office and warehouse space and this is a strong argument for companies that wish to bring their entire business under one roof,” explained Madis Lett, project manager at the building’s developer company, Favorte. According to Lett, consolidating different activities under one roof will allow companies to save significant expenses on logistics, communications, personnel and other operating costs.

While Lasnamäe is probably not the first district for many, which could be marketed as a business area, then in reality Laagna and St. Petersburg Roads will provide a quick connection to the city centre and Tallinn roundabout will connect Lasnamäe with all major roads. “From the point of view of the tenants’ partners and customers, Stock 101 is clearly distinguished by its architecture, which makes finding the building extremely easy. Moreover, daily advertising of the companies operating within the building catches the attention of tens of thousands of road users passing by the St. Petersburg highway, which in turn helps raise people's awareness of the tenants' brands,” said Reimo Simsalu, the building's broker.

So, Alvar Leola, the owner and manager of the Flag Factory (Liputehas), also found a new location for his company in Stock 101. “As I was driving along the St. Petersburg highway and seeing the announcement of the emergence of a new spacious business building, I realized that this location was the best fit for our company! This area meets the logistical needs of my family, our staff and our customers at the same time,” admitted Leola.

The developer of the commercial building predicts great potential of Lasnamäe as a business district, for the largest district of Tallinn offers Lasnamäe-based companies advantages both in terms of attracting customers and finding workforce. "Lasnamäe is the district with the largest population of Tallinn, which is positive for companies renting space in the commercial building in terms of both workforce and customer-wise," Lett noted. Nearly 120,000 people live in the Lasnamäe district, as well as Muuga, Maardu, Lagedi and Pirita are located in its direct vicinity.

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