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How to Find the Best New Development on the Market for You?

We have created both apartment buildings and fully developed residential areas in different parts of Harju County. Our project manager Kaur Kaasikmäe highlights some important recommendations and ideas to help You make that decision.

Is it better to choose an apartment, a house or a terraced house? Would it lie in the countryside or in a city?

It is crucial to first define what the financial opportunities, desires and necessities are for a future home in general. Would You rather see Yourself in an apartment of the city centre in the middle of a city bustle, or enjoy waking up in the silence, hearing only a lovely birdsong? Have You ever dreamt of Your own back yard with an outdoor grill or would You rather enjoy it while visiting others? Do You have a large family or do You wish to be prepared for that, just in case? It is worth noting that the conveniently large and spacious two-floor terraced houses just in the vicinity of Tallinn with parking spaces, garden area, wood-heated sauna and other amenities are today in the same price range as the three-room apartments offered in the city centre.

Make sure that the logistics would work

Kaasikmäe outlines that the logistical position of the home is not less important that other details, considering the working and rest period of our lives. In order to avoid the quick end of a new idyllic home life in the mornings, which results in double times of commuting periods, or a situation where the kindergarten lies at the other side of the town, logistics needs to be planned well in advance. Many people who work in Tallinn have chosen their place of residence close to the areas bordering the Tartu highway, on the grounds that they reach the city centre in no time, and also along other directions along the Järvevana Road or St. Petersburg highway. This way You can live a little out of town, but You don't have to spend time travelling to and from work and what is more, the public transport connection is well thought out. If the weather isn’t bad, cycling to the capital is not difficult either.

Are You purchasing just a box with four walls or a home with the surrounding living environment?

The days, in which the boomers were quickly stacking the field up with a row of house boxes are over. People are increasingly aware of what they need to get for their money. Thus, the more aware are also the developers.

The big advantage of more large-scale new developments is that experienced developers not only build houses, but also create an environment around it with the necessary infrastructure. You can buy an empty box in a wasteland or a ready-made home in a new neighbourhood that has a solid foundation for a comfortable and safe living environment. This includes infrastructure such as illuminated road and paths for light traffic, bus stops, schools, kindergartens, gyms and other essentials for the size of the population and other factors. Check that You have a nearby grocery shop or other service business shops that are important to You.

Low utility costs

One of the great benefits of new development projects with old or partially renovated homes is the low maintenance costs. When choosing a home, ensure that the energy efficiency class of the house is at least Class B, because today it is the most optimal combination of energy efficiency and functionality.

You will recognize the home that is right for You

When choosing a home, You should not hurry too much; on the contrary, You should take the time to scan through different offers, and get acquainted, do research on and go and see with Your own eyes various objects of interest. A decent developer’s website is very informative and if You should have any unanswered questions when reading the site, be sure to find the contacts or the project manager to gain insight from. If possible, You might also consider going to visit the object, even if the building is not ready yet - the surroundings are very important. You will recognize the right place! However, again, give Yourself time to consider the offer and seek further advice, if necessary.

You can’t choose Your neighbours? Yes, You can!

The new neighbourhoods attract people of a similar standard of living quite in the same age group, which are generally young families. Similarities will certainly benefit here, and will also contribute to a more cohesive sense of community. Shared activities are found and general topical issues are addressed. Furthermore, why not organize a bench tournament between neighbours or a joint celebration of the Midsummer Day?

Why choose Peetri borough as Your home?

As mentioned above, logistically, it is a very good position. The city centre of Tallinn is approximately just 15 minutes away. Peetri borough is located by a large highway, yet it is actually a very quiet and safe living environment, far enough away from the city noise. Younger people tend to be concentrated there.

Rae parish itself works hard for the benefit of its residents. A good example is the planned tram line, which will make traffic to the capital even more convenient. Peetri is a very fast developing small borough where the share of service business is constantly boosting up. It is a living environment that has been started from a scratch, which means that there are no old, dilapidated private and apartment buildings on the street scene, and the roads are well-maintained and modern too. Visually, the area is picturesque and the greenery is well-preserved.

The modern and inviting residential area of Käokella is situated on the border of Peetri borough

We have designed a harmonious residential area of Käokella, consisting of spacious and modern semi-detached houses with private gardens. The homes are energy efficient and cozy. An idyllic living environment with a decent motivation package awaits bright-eyed enthusiasts to get to know it all with their own eyes. Please find more information on the development website at