Priisle tee 30 and 32, Pirita, Tallinn

Homes in a swell forest park next to the Pirita River Valley!

Right next to the Pirita River Valley Nature Reserve, two private and cosy apartment buildings have been established within a swell forest park, that consist of some compact single room nests and spacious 4-room family apartments. 16 security cameras operate 24 hours a day to make you feel safe!

The development area on the edge of Priisle residential area is a true natural gem, and in addition to the dense park forest, there is an unspoiled primeval valley hosting the curvy Pirita River. The apartments have spacious terraces overlooking the forest and a playground for smaller members of the family is set up between the houses. It cannot be left unmentioned that the natural reserve also acts as an enormous playground with an opportunity to take up endless activities ranging from fishing to building huts.

Just 200 metres from the new buildings, a new bus stop called "Kuuskivi" was established to ensure a perfect connection with the city centre. One may find several schools, kindergartens and large shops nearby. Jogging or just an evening stroll begins at your doorstep and takes you through a picturesque landscape that you won't easily find in Tallinn. Now, let’s add fresh air and lovely birdsongs and we will get the perfect living environment.

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