Sõnajala tee 7, Järveküla, Rae vald

Stage five of the construction of Käokella residential area

Located on the border of Peetri municipality, Käokella residential area is a short drive away from Ülemiste centre and Tallinn city centre. In a tranquil residential area packed with clean air, the comforts of the modern age meet clean nature and a safe living environment.

Next to the cosy and friendly municipality of Peetri, the Käokella residential area in Järveküla village is a habitat for those who dream of a modern home where they can wake up to birds singing in the morning and reach the city centre within 15 minutes.

Each family has its own private courtyard enclosed by a garden of energy efficient terraced houses. There are recreational areas and playgrounds open to everybody at Käokella tee 1b and Karusambla tee 3, where there is plenty of space to run around both for big and small. Regardless of convenient public transport access, traffic noise in this area is minimal. Opened in autumn of 2016, the beautiful and modern Järveküla School is within walking distance of this future home and is opening its doors for all boys and girls. In September 2020, the local government is planning to open the Kindluse Kool - a four-parallel elementary school for 864 children. In 2015, the Aruheina Kindergarten was opened in Peetri, and furthermore, in 2019 the two facilities of the Järveküla Kindergarten were opened too.

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