Piipheina tee, Pirita, Tallinn

Your dream home under the pine trees of Pirita! 

Just a few hundred metres from the TV Tower and the Botanical Garden, a private Kloostrimetsa2 residential area was established, with 16 properties for sale to build a home. As of today, all the plots have found new owners!

The Kloostrimetsa region has been a highly valued living environment for the people living in the capital already for decades. Completed infrastructure, high landscaping and a lack of vacant plots have made Kloostrimetsa desirable for both young and old alike. And on top of that it has breath-taking views of the unique Pirita River Valley, intertwined with water lull and bird song.

The properties located on Piipheina and Laiaküla streets are equipped with all communications paved streets; water, sewerage and gas pipelines, stormwater sewerage system, communications sewerage, street lighting).
See more at: http://kloostrimetsa2.ee/en/

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