Lubja tn 9a, Kesklinn, Tallinn

The building has 18 apartments: three single room, ten double room, one 3-room and four 4-room apartments. From the second to the fourth floor, the apartments have standard solutions, the fifth floor being more exclusive. Balconies provide added value and personality to the apartments, while terraces with backwards steps are designed for fifth-floor apartments.
The design of the apartment building is based on energy efficiency and comfort of the living environment. The apartments are provided with underfloor heating and a forced ventilation system with heat recovery. Solar panels are installed on the roof of the building.

There are technical rooms on the first floor of the building as well as storerooms for the apartments. A great advantage is the availability of a lift. The staircase with a phone lock, a fenced yard, an automated gate on the driveway, etc create a safe living environment,
that meet even the most demanding needs. 
The building was built in 2016.

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