Taevakivi tn 1 / Osmussaare tee 5, Lasnamäe, Tallinn

Taevakivi commercial building is a double-floor warehouse-office-showroom type commercial establishment by the Osmussaare road. Such three-in-one spatial planning brings entire company's team under one roof and helps to save on logistics, communications, personnel and ancillary costs. 

Location near major highways such as St. Petersburg Road and Tallinn roundabout makes convenient access to both Maardu, Via Baltica and Paldiski directions. In addition, according to the Estonian Road Administration, over 20,000 cars a day use the St. Petersburg road, which gives tenants the opportunity to make themselves visible on the facade of the building with illuminated advertising and to catch the attention of road users.

It is possible to rent commercial premises of appropriate size, which may be used as warehouse/production space and/or showroom/office space, in compliance with the tenant's request. The available stock-office spaces start at approximately 370 square metres and can be combined to create up to 5,600 m2 of commercial space. Moreover, within the building there is approximately 560 square metres of retail space available.

The energy efficiency of the building is characterized by low ancillary costs. The relation of office space to warehouse space allows the future tenant to make efficient use of the premises.

The construction was completed in September 2020.

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