Peterburi tee 101b, Lasnamäe, Tallinn

Stock 101 is a two-floor B-energy class stock-office commercial building right by St. Petersburg Road. The leasable space consists of showroom/office premises and warehouse space, ranging from 280 to 397 square metres, which can be combined to form up to 2,043 square metres of commercial space. This kind of solution brings the entire company's team under one roof and helps to save on logistics, communications, personnel and ancillary costs.

The commercial building is adjacent to St. Petersburg Road, with more than 20,000 cars passing by daily, thus, tens of thousands of road users will notice the prime commercial building. What is more, the building is located near the intersection of St. Petersburg Road  and Mustakivi Road, which ensures quick access to the city centre via St. Petersburg Road and Laagna Road. At the same time, the building is also in the immediate vicinity of the Tallinna roundabout. Lasnamäe is Tallinn's most populous district, which continues to grow and where new apartment buildings, retail premises and industrial buildings are constantly emerging. 

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