Laki tn 4, Kristiine, Tallinn

Laki 4 commercial building offers two types of units: multifunctional units meant for retail and/or warehouse with smaller office space and units for just office rooms. Multifunctional units’ size is between 185-370 m2 and office spaces go from 30 m2 up to 75 m2 in size. All units can be merged together and by that one can have up to 2036,2 m2 of commercial space. Contact us to find the most suitable floor plan for you! All tenants have their own personal parking space and the building is being built using modern and energy efficient solutions. 

Lucky 4 commercial area is situated right between Haabersti and Kristiine districts. In this area, social and technical infrastructure is well developed and this enables easy access to the commercial premises by foot and by car. Thanks to important roads and the vicinity of city centre, the surroundings of Laki street have become a pulling point for small and middle sized enterprises. Urban environment surrounding Laki street is constantly becoming more attractive thanks to new commercial and residential buildings being built there. 

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