Kanarbiku tee 15, Järveküla, Rae vald

A new double-floor multifunctional commercial building will be constructed in Peetri village. The leasable premises range in size of 100-200 square metres and consist of showroom, office, service and warehouse space, of which spatial design can be negotiated. This all-in-one spatial planning brings entire company's team under one roof and saves on logistics, communications, personnel and ancillary costs. All premises are designed in a multipurposed way, which means that the tenant, in collaboration with the developer, is able to create a commercial space suitable for their needs.

Kanarbiku commercial building will be located in the rapidly developing Käokella residential area in Järveküla, where companies that provide essential services for a modern working and living environment - catering, day care, sports clubs, local grocery store, etc. - are expected. The residential area has a well-developed social infrastructure with playgrounds and green areas, and the entire area passes through a network of roads open to vehicles and light traffic. There are connections to public transport and logistically convenient links to Tartu Road and Tallinn roundabout.

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