Järveotsa tee 50b, Õismäe, Tallinn

Järveotsa tee 50b - multifunctional building with warehouse, office and showroom space 

The height of the storage space is 7.3 m.

Entrances to the representative office/office and warehouse areas are from the facade of the building.

The building has a B energy label. Thanks to innovative construction engineering solutions, highly efficient technical systems have been created, reducing energy consumption for heating and cooling. All office and storage areas are separately heated and ventilated. Each user of the rental space may choose the interior temperature and the ventilation solution of their premises.

The building is located in a logistically convenient location - it´s easy to find and accessible with larger vehicles. The building is accessible via both Ehitajate Street and Akadeemia Street.

The building was completed in early 2017 and has been rented out.

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