Härgmäe tn 24, Haabersti, Tallinn

Härgmäe 24 is a new 2-storey warehouse / office / agency, i.e. a stock-office type commercial building in Tähetorni Technology Park, located by Paldiski Road. The stock-office concept means that a company can bring all its business (production, warehouse, office, and agency) under the same roof and thus save on logistics, communication, personnel costs, and incidentals.

The Härgmäe 24 commercial building has stock-office units available in the size range of 340-1345 m2 and by combining them; you can get almost 5,500 m2 of commercial space. The share of warehouse / production space and office / agency space can be adjusted to the needs of the company! Contact us to find a suitable space solution!

Two buildings have already been completed in the Tähetorni Technology Park - Härgmäe 21 and Härgmäe 22, that have already been rented out. Among others, Roofit.solar, the ambitious author of roof panels producing electricity from solar energy; Heat3, which provides innovative packaging solutions; and BT Style, which develops creative design solutions, have chosen Tähetorni Tehnopark to be the home for their business.

Additional information can be found: tahetornitehnopark.favorte.ee/en

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