Kurekivi tee 28, Lehmja, Rae vald

We are selling a 23,948 m² property with a detailed plan in Lehmja village in Rae municipality, with access from Jüri cross on the Tallinn ring road

The detailed plan provides for the property:
Property size: 23,948 m²
Permitted area under construction: 11,970 m²
Intended use: commercial/production land 20/80
Permitted building height: 12m
Permitted floors: 3
Number of permitted buildings: 6
Possibility to divide into two separate properties

Location: the property is located at the intersection of Tartu road and Tallinn ring road, good access from Jüri circle via Põrguvälja and Kurekivi road

Access: the construction of the access road to the property will start soon, the road project will extend the Kurekivi road and the Pärnoja road will be added

Surroundings: the neighbors will be the production and stock-office type buildings of Kure Äripark, developed and sold by Favorte


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