Plaasi tn 2, Lasnamäe, Tallinn


Construction is in full swing and Plaasi 2 commercial building will be completed in Q1 2025. 


Väo Äripark is a new business park located right at the Väo intersection. The 5.5 hectare development is located next to the highway connecting Tallinn roundabout with Peterburi road in the direction of Narva.

Six commercial buildings with the total area of 21,300 m² will be constructed in the business park. The buildings consist of leaseable warehouse, production and office premises aka stock-office type units suitable for medium and large companies. All the leasable premises of the Väo Äripark are multi-purposed, which means that a your company can work with us to develop a commercial space that exactly meets your needs.

All the commercial buildings will have B energy label, that will ensure an optimal ratio between ecofriendly solutions and low ancillary costs. The rooftops will be filled with solar panels that will be producing green energy at full capacity. For more economic transport opportunities, we will install numerous charging spots for electrical cars, bike holders and guarantee a pedestrian friendly environment inside the business district. In addition, thanks to the reconstruction of Väo intersection, over three kilometres of sidewalks were built around Väo Äripark. In the future, there will be a new city bus line operating right through the business park, until then, you can use Pirita jõgi bus stop at Peterburi road.

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