Kivimurru tn 7a, Lasnamäe, Tallinn

Sinilillekodu Sikupillis – a home full of joy on the edge of city centre!

Sinilillekodu Sikupillis apartment building has only 12 apartments and the house is located a stone’s throw away from the city centre, in Sikupilli district, at Kivimurru 7a. The apartment house will be built in the centre of the block meaning there will be no traffic noise nor strangers wondering around the property. At a close distance, there is everything to satisfy even the most demanding needs of the future residents – public transport connection to the city centre is excellent, in vicinity are schools, kindergartens, shops and other necessary services. 

The three-storeyed building’s smallest apartment is a 57 m2 two-roomed home, while bigger families can buy even a five-roomed home with the surface area of 94,9 m2. Every apartment has a balcony and the yard will have a lovely playground for the little ones.

Every balcony will have planter boxes with blue liverflowers and strawberries, that will make the balcony look like a beautiful and fresh forest understory in the spring and a fruitful garden bed filled with sweet treats in the summer. 

For more info, please visit the website or you can always contact us for further info in English. 

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