Taevavärava tee 6c, Rae vald, Harjumaa

Website: taevavarava.favorte.ee/en

Taevavärava commercial building – new rental spaces near Jüri roundabout!

The building has a building permit!

Taevavärava commercial building is a new two-storey warehouse and production building near Jüri roundabout. With the completion of the building, nearly 7000 square metres of modern and energy-efficient commercial space will be added to the Jüri-Lehmja-Pildiküla industrial area, which is ideal for medium-sized and large companies to open their new branch in one of the fastest developing business environments in Estonia.

The building under development consists of stock-office rental premises, i.e. warehouse, production and office spaces. The advantage of the stock-office concept is the possibility to conveniently bring all company’s activities under one roof. This way, Taevavärava commercial building will be able to contain warehousing, production and logistics departments side by side. Compact office blocks are also provided in the building to organise workflow, display merchandise and host customers and partners.

In Taevavärava commercial building, it is possible to rent multifunctional commercial premises in the size of 3000-4000 square metres. By uniting the blocks, up to 7,000 square metres of commercial space can be created. Get in touch with us and we’ll work out the right solution for your business!

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