Saluste tee 3, Soodevahe, Rae vald

Saluste 3 stock-office is modern and smart commercial building in close vicinity of Tallinn city. The building is designed to suit your business’s wishes and needs. That in mind, we have developed solutions, that make doing business convenient and effective. Saluste 3 stock-office has over 24 000 m2 of commercial space, that can be used as a warehouse, a production unit and/or office premises. This way, you can bring all your business activities under one roof. 

The building has convenient access and there will be 229 parking spaces from which every tenant will get their own personal ones. For big trucks there will be wide loading spaces in order to make the premises easily accessible for bigger vehicles. 

Commercial spaces for rent in Saluste 3 stock-office are flexible and adding together different units you can create the right working environment for your company. Units start from 2600 m2 in size and you are welcomed to have a say in their floor plan. Saluste 3 stock-office is built using high-quality and modern materials, which result in low ancillary costs. The warehouse spaces have high ceilings.

More information can be found on website: or you can always contact us for further info in English. 

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