Mustjõe 39a, Kristiine, Tallinn


The commercial building at Mustjõe 39a is a new four-storey multifunctional commercial facility in the Lucky 4 business alongside Laki Street. The Lucky 4 business district is suitable for medium-sized and small businesses that need commercial space for a showroom, service, representative office or storage.


Favorte OÜ plans to build three of the four commercial buildings in the business district in total, and the construction of the first, at Laki 4, has already been finished. Free parking is provided for all business cluster tenants. Energy-efficient solutions have been used in the buildings to ensure modern working conditions and low additional costs. 

The 13 600 m2 development area of the Lucky 4 business district will be built for commercial use, which is meant for small and middle-sized enterprises, that are looking commercial premises for retail, office and/or warehouse. In total, 4 business buildings with an area of almost 22 000 m² will be designed and built in the Lucky 4 business district.

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