Mäeküla tn 7, Haabersti, Tallinn

Website: tahetornitehnopark.favorte.ee/en


Mäeküla 7 will be a new two-storey warehouse-office-representative office or stock-office commercial building in Tähetorni Tehnopark located by Paldiski Road. The stock-office concept means that a company can consolidate all its business units (production, warehouse, office and representative office) under one roof, thus saving on logistics, time, communication, personnel and ancillary expenses.


Three buildings have already been completed in Tähetorni Tehnopark: Härgmäe 21, Härgmäe 22 and Härgmäe 24, which have been filled with satisfied tenants. Roofit.solar – the author of high-flight solar roof panels, Heat3 – which provides innovative packaging solutions, Mulieres – which offers natural detergents, and Benefit AS – which provides car body technician training and restoration of classic vehicles, have chosen Tähetorni Tehnopark as a new home for their business, among others.

There is a light traffic route for pedestrians and bikers in front of the business park, which you can take to comfortably go to work or home. The roofs of all the houses are filled with solar panels, which produce valuable green energy. Tähetorni Tehnopark is also the official washing point for UpSteam’s environmentally friendly car wash! In the nearest future, we will add several electric car charging points, bicycle racks to the technology park for more environmentally friendly traffic, and a pedestrian-friendly environment has already been created within the business park. There is a Paemurru bus stop in front of the Härgmäe 21 building and we have also created bus stops in front of the Härgmäe 22 building in order to extend the bus line network into the business park in the future. 

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