Kadaka tee 42b, Mustamäe, Tallinn

Website: kadakatradecenter.favorte.ee/en


Kadaka Trade Center
or KTC will be a new two-storey multifunctional building in the highly valued Kadaka business district.

The 14 200 square meters of rental space in the commercial building is appropriate for medium and large-sized companies that need commercial space for retail, service, office or storage purposes. The premises of Kadaka Trade Center are designed for multiple-intended purposes, which means that the company, in cooperation with the developer, can create a business space that exactly meets its needs.

Kadaka Trade Center has a B-energy label, which ensures optimal relation between the technical solutions that simplify business activity and low ancillary costs.

Solar panels will be installed on the roof of the business building, covering the area of 8000 m2 and effectively generating green energy. All business premises have a separate heating system and cooling regulation options; LED-lights are used in the entire building and a ventilation system with recuperative air heater in the retail and office departments will be installed.

Safety is ensured by special access system doors and high resolution video cameras. For environmentally sustainable traffic on the territory of Kadaka Trade Center, there are bike stands, loading points for electric cars and pavements leading directly to Laki bus station.

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